Tuesday, December 30, 2008

39 Week Belly Pic

Just a quick picture post.

Here is my 39 week belly pic...well, technically this is taken at 38 Weeks and 5 days...

Monday, December 29, 2008


I am getting sooo impatient.  Where is Baby Z?!?

I still love being pregnant and will miss it.  If I knew I had 2 months left, I'd be fine, but since I know Baby Z could come anytime now, it is driving me crazy!!!  I don't want to wait anymore!  Grrrr....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

17 days!

17 days to go until the due date, but I'm still hoping to meet Baby Z before then!

We went to the doctor today...I am still 2-3 cm dilated, but now 80% effaced and Baby Z is at zero station.  (See earlier post for an explanation of dilation, effacement, and station.)

Also at today's appointment, I told the doctor that the baby was not moving as much.  He told me to go get lunch and come back to get hooked up to monitors for a non-stress test.  We did that and everything looked great.  Of course the baby started moving more after I said something.  :)  It was great though, Cory and I got to sit for about 30-40 minutes listening to Baby Z's heartbeat.  I could have done that all day! 

So that's about it.  Doctor said we may have a Christmas or New Years Baby...cross your fingers, I can't wait to meet the little one!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Unborn

Uh oh...I just saw a preview for the movie The Unborn...in the preview it says, "On January 9th...witness the birth...of evil."  

Agghhh...I hope more than ever now that Baby Z comes before January 9th.  


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

37 Week Doctor's Visit

Just had another doctors appointment. Things are continuing to progress. I am 2-3 cm dilated, 70% effaced and almost at 0 station. To get a a better idea of what this means, I will paste some info I found on babiesonline.com...

Effacement, Dilation and Station
In most pregnancies, at about 37 weeks, your doctor or midwife will begin checking your cervix for effacement, dilation and station. She will then report back to you the results. For first time moms this can be confusing. If you don’t know what effacement, dilation and station are, then when your provider reports that you are, “One centimeter, 25%, -2,” you may feel very confused. Below are explanations of each stage of your body’s preparation for delivering your baby.
EffacementPrior to pregnancy and in the first and second trimester, as well as much of the third trimester, your cervix is long and thick. As labor nears it begins to shorten and thin out. This action is referred to as effacement. As your cervix begins to efface, the plug keeping the entrance to the uterus sealed is released. This is called your mucus plug and it may contain some blood.
Effacement is generally measured in percentages by doctors and midwives. When you have an exam your provider will tell you that it is anywhere from 0% to 100% which means not effaced at all to completely effaced and thin. When it is completely effaced it becomes a part of the uterine wall, allowing the baby to pass through.
DilationUntil you are late in your third trimester, your cervix should stay tight and closed with no dilation. Dilation is the process of the mouth of the cervix opening and widening, which allows your baby to pass through. This is measured in centimeters. For most of your pregnancy it should be 0 centimeters. In order to deliver your baby your cervix needs to stretch open to 10 centimeters. As the cervix dilates, some people describe cramping and pressure, similar to what you would feel during menstruation.
If you begin dilating in the second trimester or at a rapid rate before the last month of your pregnancy it can be a sign of premature labor. If this is the case your doctor or midwife will advise you on what to do next.
StationWhen your provider tells you about your baby’s station, she is referring to how far down his head has come into your pelvis. If your baby has dropped, but has not yet settled into your pelvis to begin his decent, it is measured in centimeters as a negative station. This negative measurement goes from -3 to -1. Once your baby has settled into your pelvis, but before he starts his descent to the birth canal, it is referred to as a zero (0) station. Once your baby starts heading towards the cervix, it is referred to as a positive station from 1 to 3. During this time it is likely that you will feel an increase of pressure and pain in your pelvic bone and vaginal area.

So...still don't know when baby will come...could be weeks still, but I'm super excited...and ready. I'm not real uncomfortable or anything, just ready to meet the little guy or girl!

Our next appointment is next Tuesday, the 23rd. Will write more then, unless I think of anything exciting sooner. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Belly Picture

Here is a picture that was taken last night (at almost 36 weeks)...

I've really grown lately!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

30 Days!

Only 30 days left til due date!

I went to the doctor this past Monday...Megan joined me, but didn't get a show...she stayed near my head during the exam. :)

Not so great news first...the doctor took a bacteria swab last week and it came back positive, so I will have to be treated with penicillin when I go into labor and if the bacteria is still present at that point, there is a 1:1,000 chance the baby will develop pneumonia. Hopefully we're not that unlucky!!

Good news...I am 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced. After doing research about that, I don't think that means anything definitive...I could stay like that or progress slowly...or quickly. So who knows...maybe baby will come early, maybe not. All I know is that it's starting. :)

My FL friends had a nice baby shower for me this weekend at the beach. Thanks to everyone! And while I'm at it, don't remember (because of my pregnant brain) if I said anything about the Indiana shower...my family had one for me out there...thank you to everyone for that as well!! I'll post pictures soon!

Friday, December 5, 2008

35 Days!

Only 35 days left until our due date of January 9th!!

We had a doctors appointment this past Tuesday. I now go to the doctor every week!

We waited FOREVER in the waiting room for this appointment...they ended up taking literally everyone else in the waiting room, never called me, and closed the window for lunch. Cory poked his head back in to get someones attention to let them know that they must have forgotten about me. Sure enough, they did.

When I went back, the doctor was very apologetic and seemed pretty upset that I got passed by.

On to the appointment...everything looks great, I'm still measuring right on track- 35 weeks, and the baby's head is down and ready for delivery. :)

For all of those who know about this crazy rash I've had, I don't really know what it is. I got blood work done, but all the blood work looks good. The rash looks almost gone, but I'm still pretty itchy sometimes. It's strange, but not as annoying as it was. The doctor doesn't seem concerned about it.

During the appointment, I asked if my parents could come back to hear the heartbeat. The doctor said he'd do one better and show them the baby! So he sent a nurse out to get them and then Cory, my parents, and I got to see the baby on an ultrasound! That was definitely worth being overlooked in the waiting room. :) Luckily he kept the baby's sex a secret and just showed us Baby Z's spine, heart, arms, face, hands in front of face, etc. It was crazy to see how much bigger the baby has gotten. Before you could see so much more of the baby on the screen at once. Now though, each part takes up the whole screen!

So...it was a good appointment and being there made me realize how soon Baby Z will be here!

On that note, I've been trying to get everything done in case he/she comes early. We went on a maternity tour Tuesday night and we're signed up for a breastfeeding class next Tuesday. I picked up the stroller and car seat last night...thanks to Beth and Dennis, my parents and a few others who gave us gift cards/money for baby things...that's how I bought the travel system. We still need to figure out what we'll be doing for insurance and a pediatrician...and try to find a childbirth class to take (or cliff notes to read he he), but everything seems to be coming together.

I'll update more soon. I am due for a new belly picture, so I'll do that soon and let you know how my next appointment goes. It's on Monday already!