Sunday, August 9, 2009

Serious Update Part I

Okay, now it's time for a serious update!

The end of April, we left South Florida. Griffin, my parents, their dogs, and almost all of our belongings went to Indiana; while Cory, Murphy, his brother (who flew down to help us pack/move) and the rest of our belongings drove the Corolla to Pennsylvania. These trips were not so much uneventful and resulted in the loss of two bicylces...

R.I.P Penelopie Cruiser

Also, Griffin, got kinda bored, despite all his toys...

Once in Indiana, I got to introduce Griffin to my family there (although Michele had already met him).

Gabe and Griffin:

Cassi and Griffin:

Gabe, Kirstin, and Brayden ready to travel with us:

Uncle Ic meeting Griffin:

Aunt Shel and Griffin:

After spending a couple days there and Cory spending a couple days in PA and MD, we (minus two dogs) drove to St. Louis to intercept Cory (he flew there, while leaving Murphy and the Corolla in PA).

The Reunion:

We then spent another 6 or so days in the van, traveling across the country to Tacoma, Washington.

Here are pics of some of the highlights...

And finally, on May 7th (or thereabout), we arrived in Tacoma, WA and began unloading all of our belongings in a storage unit. Griffin was VERY happy to be in one location...for a few days...

After unloading all of our things we parted ways with my parents...they drove back to Indiana and we flew to Hawaii.

To Be Continued...