Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloweeners :)

I've been called out about being a slacker with blogging. Thanks Kristen! :)
So...I was wondering what I would blog about, then it happened....I got my first trick-or-treater ever!!! That's right....EVER! I grew up trick-or-treating in Indiana. We lived out in the middle of nowhere, so we would have to go to some neighborhood kinda far away to get our tricks...I mean treats. :) Then if we were ever around home when it was trick-or-treating time, no one ever came to our house since we didn't live near anyone. Anyway...long story short, every year I get candy hoping that I will be able to experience the knocking at the door and the yell of "Trick-Or-Treat" from silly little kids all dressed up cute and every year I never get the knock and end up eating all the candy.
Well...THIS year was different! I bought a bag of candy today...which was dangerous since I'm trying to diet. I came home with the intentions of putting spider webs out on the front porch so it would look inviting for all those silly little kids. Well, I got sleepy and decided to try to take a nap instead. Then I woke up and I figured it was too late to put up the web, cause it was already getting dark (and I didn't want to look too desperate) and because I was worried they would stay up until next year (like our Christmas tree has stayed up since last year). So later I heard kids outside, but again I didn't want to look desperate by running outside with all my candy, so I waited patiently and hoped they would knock on my well lit door. But no, they didn't. I was so sad that I thought it was going to be like every other year, then it happened!!! A little knock at the door sent me running to grab the candy and open the door...probably a little to eagerly. Then there was this cute little boy in bloody scrubs with his face all messed up yelling "Trick-or-Treat"! It was the cutest thing ever! I offered him my jar full of candy and he took one piece. I was like..."you can take more!" He said no thank you and left. I was excited about what had just happened, but I wondered if I should have commented on his costume or made small talk or forced him to take more candy, but then I realized I was thinking a little too much about it. :) It was great....then later a big group, then a couple more stragglers came by. Fun stuff. I love Halloween. :)

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TJsMommy said...

LOL!!!!! You are too cute!!!!!! Your 1st trick-or-treating...that's awesome!!!! Congratulations!! :) haha