Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year, New Blog

AAAGGGHHH, life is stressful!

Happy New Year by the way. :)

I have not proven to be a good* blogger, but I hope to improve over this next year. I definitely seem to have things to blog about, so let me get started.

Christmas was fun, but quite an experience...Cory, Lucas, Murphy, Daisy, and I spent a total of 38 hours (or just under a full work week) in our Corolla driving to and from Indiana to visit my family. Boy was that drive is evidence...

This is what happens to someone when they spend WAY too much time stuffed in a compact sedan!

Here is Murphy laying on Cory in the backseat

And Lucas looking unsure of things in the front

We were scheduled to drive back to Florida the Thursday before New Years, but that didn't happen, as Cory, Lucas, and I (along with my sister and both of my parents) all got some kind of stomach bug and we were stuck vomiting and aching for 24+ hours. We ended up leaving 24 hours late and ended up with some kind of a cold when we arrived in Florida 19 hours later.
The following day, Cory and I fought through our cold and traveled down to Key West to ring in the new year camping with friends.

Upon returning home, we discovered that the owner of the home we live in will soon be moving back with his soon-to-be wife and that we need to be out by the end of the month. AGHH! Talk about stress! We have been house hunting full force though and have some decent places to choose from.

Here is a bottle opener that we saw on the fridge of our number one choice (I bleeped part of it out for the kiddies)...

House hunting can be amusing! We'll hopefully have a decision later this week. I'll keep you posted!

On a separate note, American Gladiator is back and I believe it will be a regular addition to our Sunday nights. Cory says it's better than Battlebots. :)

My favorite quote from tonight's episode came immediately after the first two girls went head to head in the last competition. After looking completely drugged as they ran through the obstacle course, the winning competitor yelled, "I'm in so much pain, I can't breath, and I'm so freakin' excited!"

That's all for now. More blogs to come in '08. :)

*less than 49% bad

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TJsMommy said...

YAY!!! Your 1st blog!!! Sounds like your year has started out a little rough...good luck on finding a house, though!!! :) Miss yoU!!!