Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ultrasounds are FUN!

I wanted to post this last night, but we don't have internet at home, so today it is...
We had our ultrasound yesterday and it was GREAT! The baby was measuring at 12 oz and the technician figured about 9 inches long. The technician said that he or she was measuring at 20 weeks 3 days, compared to the 19 weeks and 5 days that goes along with my due date of January 9th. It was first estimated that the due date was January 1st, so maybe it will move up, not sure.
The baby was head down and the placenta is away from the cervix which is good. He or she was being a "stinker-butt" according to the technician and facing towards my back so we couldn't get a good profile picture of his/her face. The picture below is the best we got...its of the baby's face straight on. Some say it looks like an alien, but I think it's beautiful. :)

If you need help deciphering is a close up of the face. The bigger darker area is his/her brain cavity, underneath that on either side of the face are two eyes with a nose in the middle and the mouth just under that. Do you see?

Here is another picture. Harder to tell, but it is of it's face with it's arm next to its head (on the left side of the picture).

During the ultrasound, the technician showed us all the parts of the baby...well, not the private parts, cause we don't want to see them yet! It was great, she pointed out both sections of both arms and both legs, both kidneys, the heart and all it's 4 chambers, the brain, the spine, the ribs, the aorta and renal arteries, the stomach and the fluids in it from the baby swallowing the amniotic fluid (like it should) and the full bladder (he/she needed to tinkle). We also got to see the umbilical cord, and the lips/nose (although i couldn't make those out). The technician looked there and was able to tell that the baby does not have a cleft lip. She also showed that the spine was fully formed which is great.
After the ultrasound, the technician turned off the machine, lowered the table, etc and worked on putting information in the chart while she answered our questions. Just before us leaving she said that she would look at the baby again to see if he/she had moved so we could get a profile shot of the face. Unfortunately (and fortunately though), it looks like the baby takes after me and is lazy in the morning and was still resting in the same position. She tried wiggling my belly to wake the baby, but he/she is a sound sleeper I guess...hopefully the baby keeps that up after birth! :)
I loved having the ultrasound. I said that I could stay there looking at the baby all day! She wouldn't let me though...sigh! Hope you enjoy the pictures half as much as I do!

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TJsMommy said...

aww! he/she is so cute! i don't know how you can go without knowing - i'm dying to know what ours is!!!!