Monday, July 20, 2009

Traveling Fools and Photos

Wow, it's been a long time!

I keep wanting to write everything on here...where we've been, what we've been doing...then I get overwhelmed with what all I will have to write.

So, I'll start here...we have been traveling fools. Griffin has now been in 20 states, insane, huh?? I will give more details about our travels shortly (I hope). We have been able to see lots of friends and family. It's been great being able to introduce Griffin to everyone!

The main point of this post though is to share with you Griffin's 6 month photos. We got them done last week with an awesome photographer and old friend of mine. She does amazing work! The online gallery will be available for two weeks, so check out the pics now. It's going to be so hard to pick which we want to purchase, I just love them all!! If anyone needs a photographer in Indiana, contact Leslie, she's great!

To access the online gallery, go to:

Click on "Clients" at the bottom,

Password is "griffinz"


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TJsMommy said...

Wow girl! Those photos are fantastic - brought tears to my eyes!!! Your photographer captured so many special moments!!!