Sunday, February 22, 2009


GREAT NEWS...I got matched to an internship site.  I don't yet know which one/ where, I will find that out on Monday, but at least I know I've been matched!  Phew...what a relief!  I feel like the past couple years my life has been somewhat on hold.  Looking back, I realize that I have had some great experiences...ones that will really help me in the future, it's just been a little tough seeing the positive aspects of it all.  Everything is really starting to fall into place though.  People always say, "Everything happens for a reason."  I think that can be such a frustrating thing to hear, but then I have moments like this where I really believe it.  Who knows where we'd be right now if everything had happened as I planned?  I am so thankful for where we are at now...especially with our amazing little guy, Griffin!

On that note, here are some more pics.  I decided to see if G could sit in his bumbo chair the other day and I thought he looked adorable, so there are several pics of that, then there are a couple others.  Enjoy!

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